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Our Process

What do we do first?

We meet with you in your home and discuss the requirements for your proposed alterations or additions. We listen carefully to your needs and assist you in refining your ideas for the scope of your renovation. We then calculate an estimation of costs for you.

How do we know what our renovation will look like?

The next step is to have a set of Conceptual Drawings documented. This allows you to view the floor plan and elevations of your proposed additions or alterations. You also have the opportunity to view 3D images of the design concept. This process involves meeting with one of our talented building designers from award winning Tascone Design Team.

How much will our renovation cost?

Once you are satisfied with your Conceptual Drawings, we prepare a formal quotation for you. This quotation is based on the plans and any requirements you may have for the final finish of your home. The quotation includes a draft of the building specifications so you can be sure what work and materials are included in your proposal.

When are the plans drawn up?

When you have refined your ideas and you have accepted the quotation, we then require planning permission from your local council. This is the first step in the approvals process. In order for your design to be approved, we have a formal set of Town Planning Drawings drafted. These plans show you detailed dimensions and are very important as they mark your final decision on the overall design and scale of your proposal.

How do we select the finishes for our renovation?

Whilst our town planning application is being assessed, you then begin the selections process. During this time you meet with our in-house Interior Designer who guides you through the process of finalizing exactly what fixtures, fittings and finishes you prefer for your new home. You can view many items in our Selection Room, but our designer will also advise you of other showrooms where you may view suitable products. He will even accompany you, free of charge, if you feel you need assistance in making your choices.

How do we obtain Council approval?

There are two steps to the overall approvals process; planning and building. Planning (or development) approval generally takes about 6 weeks and consists of the council making sure that our proposed design complies with the Residential Design Codes. The next step is to obtain the building permit. This permit is our authority to build and takes approximately 2 weeks to organise. These timelines can vary depending on the individual council and extent of the proposed renovation.

When can we start building?

Once planning and building approval is granted and your contract documents have been signed, we will schedule a convenient start date with you. The contract documents are very important as they include the plans and building specification that are used on site during construction. We work closely with you during the contract process to ensure that you understand everything prior to signing.

When can we move back in?

Depending on your scope of works, you may need to move out of your home while construction is underway. We will work closely with you to find the right solution for your particular situation. We have the flexibility to complete work in stages or plan construction around your lifestyle so that you may be able to remain living at home during the construction phase.